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Quite a few things have happened in the past 2 month.
First off, there was the software for the cell-phone company, which I should refactor. Lucky enough, I could convince my former colleague Selcuk Alan to find some free time and work with me on this project. The rollout was 2 weeks ago, but there are still some todos on my list, most of them feature-requests or minor bugs.
Both of us would like to set up a new codebase and implement the software from the scratch, but you know that your hands are tied if money and time is an issue ;)
Then there was FUD going on in the PHP community, spread by Derick Rethans, a core developer of PHP. It all started with a bug the core devs had fixed in version 4.4 which breaks BC to everything < than 4.4 (explained by Rasmus here ). A lot of end-users found this fix annyoing due to the (depending on the project that was running on your 4.4-server) large amount of up-popping error-notices. John Lim, the maintainer of the AdoDB-library, ranted in his blog about this issue, on which Derick answered

Instead of ranting about things, like Pierre is so incredibly good in, you should try to understand the engine instead. Then you see exactly what the problems are. If you don’t want to spend time on that, then just stfu, okay?

hmmmkay… taking in account that Derick takes part in representing PHP as the language itself, this was not a clever move. You can imagine the huff that was going on in the relevant forums/lists etc…

Yes, it has been a pain in the ass to see the notices pop up and to go through the sources and fix it. But taking into account that memory leaks can lead to security holes, it’s been absolutely necessary. I just wish they had proposed the changes in another way, i.e. telling the end-users “guys, your scripts are not gonna break, but you better switch error-reporting off in you productive environment!” The reaction of Derick was, however, irresponsible.


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