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Glad to see the folks over at GWT-Ext added the Ext JS Livegrid extension into their repository! (Post was maybe worth a twitter, but I do not have an account yet ;) )


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Thorsten is the author of the conjoon open source project and the Ext.ux.Livegrid component. In this blog he writes more or less frequently about his current projects and web development in general.


  1. Alyxandor  April 22, 2008

    Aye, they HAVE posted it to the showcase, but the view source was busted. Unless of course, it was all some king of mad scheme on your behalf to gravitate user focus onto your own web space… In which case, congrats are in order. …As are thanks… For any techné directed at transcribing art in code, eternal thanks at least.

    Speaking of your contribution to Ext, I’m going to likely spend the night porting it to work on my personal, experimental “xml blob”-like system of data management. Not to get into too many specifics about code that isn’t even fully functional, the idea is that art of any kind relates to art of all kinds, so describing each work of art in a statically-named file {ex: the.war.on.ignorance.xml} and including a list of URIs to the component pieces, I can use the remote-grid to get what is needed, without having to hammer my server parsing and checking and caching way more than is needed…

    So thank you again. You and GwtExt have saved me like, months and months of work {at least!} Good night, and have a nice life!


    –Wise Words Whispered Without Will Won’t Wake Worlds

  2. Alyxandor  April 22, 2008

    PS – > I checked it out, Michael Bergmann is listed in the credits for porting your Ext live grid, and when I checked out the GwtExtUx extension, to my surprise I find that the ‘get-source’ button is broken because… There IS no java code!! The whole implementation is a module.gwt.xml file that just includes your js libraries… …Not much chance of a classless object implementing getSourceUrl()…

    Having exhausted any means to make some difference with this time I’ve spent, if you have any means to contact Michael Bergmann, I’ve made a small change to his contribution {implementing the missing function and adding the .java.html to the public folder}, and I’d like to let him partake of the effort. …Or maybe I’ll just post it the forum. Meh… Peace!


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