O’zapft is!

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O’zapft is!

Sers! The Oktoberfest started yesterday here in Munich and I’m happy to be in town just right now. The city is overfilled with women wearing traditional Dirndls, while men chose to wear their Lederhosen. Lots of drunk people near the Theresienwiese, but that’s just part of the worldwide biggest fair. I’m going to visit the Wiesn in early october – I had a busy week and was happy to find some quality time at the Elbsee (that’s close to Kaufbeuren) in the Allgäu today, rather than getting drunk in overcrowded tents. Elbsee is located pretty close to the Alps and everyone who knows me is familiar with my passion I share for them. So, yeah, I had a great time.

Work didn’t stop, though. I dived into the sources of Ext earlier this week and have to admit that the creators of this framework did a hell of a good job. Not only are the widgets easy to set up and fun to work with – the OO oriented – err, protoype oriented – implementation allows the use of common design patterns you know from frameworks written in other languages (take Swing, for an example). The MVC approach of Ext leaves nothing to be desired, and I found myself writing some test applications using only javascript for the C and V part, while the Zend Framework took responsilbility for delivering the model. It works like a charme, and I’m looking forward to contribute a few extensions I wrote myself, just for the sake of use and share.

Until then, I’m enjoying my stay at Munich (which will -sadly- end this evening) and salute with a “Grüß Gott” to my fellow readers.


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