Ext.ux.Livegrid – project home moved

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Ext.ux.Livegrid project home

The project home for Ext.ux.Livegrid has been finally moved – you can find it now at the official webpage
The prior project home will redirect you automatically to the new page – please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Connected with the new project home is a wiki/bugtracker which you will find at


About the Author

Thorsten is the author of the conjoon open source project and the Ext.ux.Livegrid component. In this blog he writes more or less frequently about his current projects and web development in general.


  1. nctag  July 13, 2009


    just wanted to give you a compliment for the earliest release for Ext 3.0.0.

    Is it right that the Ext website is offline for about some days? Do you know any reasons therefore?

    Thanks for any information.

  2. admin  July 14, 2009

    Not that I know anything about that – I had some problems lately but I guess it’s due to the rush on the newest Ext JS release ;)


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