• Combining PHP and Javascript

    Over 500.000 lines of PHP and 400.000 lines of Javascript. Utilizing the Zend Framework and the power of ExtJS, the conjoon Open Source project is one of the most ambitious RIA projects developed with ExtJS up to date.

    Combining PHP and Javascript
  • Quid pro Quo

    In the spirit of open source, various sub projects have emerged from using open source frameworks in my daily work. Contributing code back to the community keeps the fundaments of successfull software strong.

    Quid pro Quo
  • Design for production

    Seeing my projects as part of research for my fields of interests, I have done workshops for companies and spoken on conferences about production-ready concepts which I have successfully introduced in my software.

    Design for production
Production is the only place to learn how your software reacts to real-world conditions.



conjoon is an open source personal information manager developed with Zend Framework and ExtJS. Jesus Garcia considers it as “the epitome of web applications developed with Ext JS” in his book “Ext JS in Action“.
I’m conjoon’s main developer and it’s project leader.



I introduced Ext.ux.Livegrid in 2007. For the first time, developers had now the functionality to implement grids in ExtJS with hundreds-of-thousands of records without paging, which was a great ui improvement for their clients. It grew out as a sub project of conjoon and is used by mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies.


…ongoing projects

Whether it is the maintenance of extensions contributed to the ExtJS framework or consulting for community projects (here with Thorben Ziemek attending one of Tobias Uhlig workshops), I’m involved in various open source projects. Yet, there are also a few projects unnamed, planned to get public in the next time.