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Isis Information Architects Inc.

Though updates to this site happened somewhen around 6 or 7 years ago, the authors give lots of examples on how to not design user interfaces. You should not miss the Hall of Shame – lots of nerdy slash geeky controls, but definetly nothing you want to sell your customer as highly intuitive.

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svndiff / deltav algorithm

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(This post refers to svndiffs V0 compressed strings).

The article at explains how the svndiffalgorithm works. This post tries to give a more concrete idea of what happens, refering to the example that can be found at the end of the above linked article.

SVN delivers the text deltas base64 encoded, so you first have to decode the string to work with it. Next step ist to check the string for it’s first four bytes, which must represent ...

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javascript, prototypes and object references

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If you are using OOP, you are familiar with initializing class members in the head of the source:

 * Pseudocode
class Foo {
    int i = 0;
    Array bar = new Array();

However, if you are using Javascript’s prototypying, assigning objects to class (prototype) members will result in static instance variables.