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conjoon – dev notes

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General purpose: Automatically decide if LOBs have to be stored in the server’s file system (and provide appropriate base functionality), while providing the database as a fallback in any case.

“A storage mediator is responsible for determining whether to store lobs in the database or in the file system. It takes care of processing various operations related to lobs such as retrieving their content and properly storing them, while maintaining relations between the db data ...

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conjoon – bundled preview available

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Yes, you might think the “ALL NEW!” stamp is kind of cheesy and the colors might be too bright, but that’s just how I’d like to announce the immediate availability of a preview version for conjoon 0.1 – in a very reserved way, of course.

conjoon V0.1RC1Pr935 is available from the conjoon project page and brings you a sneek peak of things to come. This ...

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Ext.ux.Livegrid 0.3a4 introduces long awaited support for EditorGrid

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Ext.ux.Livegrid 0.3a4 with support for real-time editing

Ext.ux.Livegrid 0.3a4 is available from the trunk and brings you support for real-time editing of data rows.

Several bugs were fixed and new enhancements made it into this release, such as the Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.GridPanel- and Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.EditorGridPanel-classes.

Some clients also requested to be able to pass the grid’s view as the config property for Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.Toolbar again, which was changed in favor of a “grid”-property ...

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The grapes of…

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According to Andreas Berl’s “Lines of Code Wichtel”, I have

  • 133 files (including *.html, *.phtml, *.js, *.css, *.php, *.ini)
  • 25575 lines of code (including code, comments, empty lines)
  • 12292 lines of pure code
  • 7445 empty lines
  • 5838 lines of comments

A separate documentary is available in the wiki. It’s far from complete, but count another 1000 lines of pure doc to it.

My subprojects (Livegrid, Youtubeplayer) are ...

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Bookmark of the day

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Isis Information Architects Inc.

Though updates to this site happened somewhen around 6 or 7 years ago, the authors give lots of examples on how to not design user interfaces. You should not miss the Hall of Shame – lots of nerdy slash geeky controls, but definetly nothing you want to sell your customer as highly intuitive.

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Counterize II – missing backticks in install file (fix)

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If you want to install V2.09 of Counterize II , you may get sql-errors when the plugin gets activated in the backend of WordPress.

This is caused by missing backticks ( ` ) in the file counterize_install.php. Take a close look at the sql-INSERT statements. The erroneous line numbers are:

  • 80
  • 87
  • 94

Add the missing backticks at the end of the respective lines and you should be set.

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hemingway reloaded fixes

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Hemingway Reloaded is a great theme for the WordPress Blogging Software, however, it lacks a little bit IE 7 compatibility.

Here are two simple fixes for the style.css which will display the startpage correct.

First off, in style.css, change the width of #primary.twocol-stories .story to 47% instead of 48%:

#primary.twocol-stories .story{
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teaching javascript the concept of interfaces

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There’s an easy way to simulate Interfaces in Javascript, this post shows you how it is done.

(Beware, I’m going to mix OO terms in this posts a little bit for the sake of Javascript, but readers familiar with OO concepts will understand what I mean.)

At first we will extend Javascript’s native Object with a method called __implements, which is responsible for comparing class-methods with method-stubs (declared as strings) in an “interface” (quoted, because it is not an Continue Reading →