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Counterize II – missing backticks in install file (fix)

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If you want to install V2.09 of Counterize II , you may get sql-errors when the plugin gets activated in the backend of WordPress.

This is caused by missing backticks ( ` ) in the file counterize_install.php. Take a close look at the sql-INSERT statements. The erroneous line numbers are:

  • 80
  • 87
  • 94

Add the missing backticks at the end of the respective lines and you should be set.

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hemingway reloaded fixes

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Hemingway Reloaded is a great theme for the WordPress Blogging Software, however, it lacks a little bit IE 7 compatibility.

Here are two simple fixes for the style.css which will display the startpage correct.

First off, in style.css, change the width of #primary.twocol-stories .story to 47% instead of 48%: