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Thorsten Suckow-Homberg |

Software Developer & Trainer, * 1976, Aachen, Germany


  • 1997 Couven-Gymnasium, Aachen - Abitur

  • 1998-1999 University of Hamburg, Social and Economic History, Constitutional Law

  • 1999-2007 RWTH Aachen, Computer Science


German (native), English


  • Software Developer since 2001
  • Freelancing 2001 - 2013; JavaScript & PHP for semantics GmbH, substmedia, commworld, ASC AG, Aspera, Neuman & Esser Group, SMS GmbH, Refined Labs and others.
  • Employments 2010-2012: Powerflasher, K&K
  • since 2012: eyeworkers GmbH, Karlsruhe, Consultant & Trainer for JavaScript and Software Development


Full Stack Senior Developer eyeworkers GmbH, Karlsruhe



  • hold multi-day JavaScript / Software Design training courses for teams from various industries: Financial, Communication, Insurance, Health, Manufacturing, Defense. Company sizes ranging from medium-sized to Fortune 500
  • programmed and designed * a mobile application for a federal state's hunting association; iOS, Android, React Native
  • planning and organizing a JavaScript conference in Germany. Responsible for program and speakers
  • workshops and consultancy for migrating a large SPA to a Micro Frontend based architecture, with the previous SPA becoming part of a web-shell that integrates React, Angular and Vanilla-JS with the help of Webpack Module Federation
  • integrated Microsoft PowerBI tools into various Frontend Systems
  • programmed a mult-licensed virtual scrolling grid for Ext JS 3 that is still used in large companies' systems all over the world


Java, PHP, JavaScript, node.js, Python, Sencha Ext JS, React, React Native, Angular, Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, JUnit, Siesta, Jest, PHPUnit, HTML, CSS, SASS, SQL, Git, SVN, Docker, DDEV, npm, composer


Adobe Premiere Pro, GIMP, PHPStorm, VisualStudio, Office, Ubuntu, Window, GitHub, Gitlab, Android, iOS, expo, UI/UX


Agile, SCRUM, XP, Domain Driven Design


Software Architecture, Theoretical Informatics (Function Abstractions, Type Theory), Astrophysics, Theory of Relativity

Open Source Projects



  • Role: Creator
  • Stack: JavaScript, Ext JS, node.js, Siesta
    • build a feature rich JavaScript Email-Client frontend
    • design the system and the frontend architecture
    • design the UI and provide interface for pluggable themes
    • utilize a formalized API for backend communication
    • provide plugin interfaces and well documented integration points for easily extending the software


  • Role: Creator
  • Stack: JavaScript, Ext JS, node.js, Siesta
    • create npm ecosystem for extensions for the Sencha Ext JS framework to utilize modern application building paradigms, such as Dependency Injection, parametrization, plugin-based architecture
    • create software development tools that help with building, maintaining and testing such applications, e.g. provide tools for additional transpiling so that modern ECMA Script can be used with Ext JS projects
    • provide a toolset for re-usable components and core-library elements often used with such projects


  • Role: Creator
  • Stack: OpenAPI, JSON:API,
    • create a formalized API used with middleware for IMAP services


  • Role: Creator
  • Stack: JSON:API
    • create an extension for JSON:API to exclude particular fields with a request

lumen-app-email / php-lib-conjoon

  • Role: Creator
  • Stack: PHP, Laravel/Lumen, PHPUnit, JSON:API, Horde
    • create a Laravel/Lumen application as reference implementation for a streamlined API service that allows for connecting to arbitrary IMAP servers for message and mailbox operations

Publications (german language)

  • PHP Magazin 01.2002, Software & Support Media GmbH Objektorientierte Programmierung mit PHP

  • PHP Magazin 05.2011, Software & Support Media GmbH Das conjoon Open Source Projekt

  • PHP Magazin 04.2012, Software & Support Media GmbH Zeitzonenunterstützung in PHP

  • Eine Einführung in mathematische Modelle der biologischen Nervenzelle als Bausteine künstlicher neuronaler Netze und deren Anwendung im Gesundheitswesen (Teil der Zulassungsarbeit der Eignungsprüfung M.C.Sc. FH Trier (Download pdf))

Book Reviews


  • * "design" relates to the design of the software system and the architecture, not the UI, except where otherwise noted.