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· 2 min read

Releasing conjoon V1.0

I’m happy to announce conjoon 1.0, the very first major release of the Open Source JavaScript Email client.

For updating to the latest version, simply use our installer. It will let you select the latest release when opting for the version to install.


v1.0.0 marks the first major release for our JavaScript Email frontend, over 100 tickets related to bugfixes, optimizations and minor features across all projects where closed.

This release focuses on providing a stable frontend in conjunction with lumen-app-email.

Besides the features already introduced with the release candidates, the following features have been added:


Installer and CLI actions for lumen-app-email

The installation for lumen-app-email has been simplified with the help of Artisan and CLI commands. To get an instance of lumen-app-email running, use

$ composer create-project conjoon/lumen-app-email {targetDir} {version}

which will start the installation process. For more information, refer to the official guide.

Docker Container

ddev-ms-email has been updated to utilize the installer of lumen-app-email and additionally provides integration options for conjoon so that the container can be used for serving both the backend and the frontend.

$ ddev create-conjoon

will start the installation of conjoon. For more information, refer to the official guide.

Happy coding! 🎈

· One min read

Releasing conjoon 1.0.0-beta.0

🎉 5 years after the (almost) first commit to conjoon’s new home, I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of the first public pre-release of **conjoon**, an open source email client built with JavaScript, PHP and great tools from the open source community.

To install the latest release on your local machine, type

$ npx create-conjoon@latest

then follow the instructions on screen.

Don’t miss out on the documentation for more information about available install and build types.

While I’m confident that conjoon can take its first steps in a production environment, expect a stable first release to be available in the coming days. Until then, a few additions to the documentation and the guides will be made.

Happy coding! 🎈