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Bounded Context (DDD)

A Bounded Context [📖DDD] is a part of a software system that contains the semantics of a particular model through which it is uniquely identifiable in a system of multiple models. This also involves organising team members responsible for the given model and its context, and impacts planning and realization of associated technicalities and operations.

A Bounded Context often evolves with time through deeper understanding of the Domains and through constant refactorings based on this understanding, resulting in distinct models.

Placing a model into this idea of a context helps with structuring and separating it from other contexts, Context Maps and Evolving Order support the development and refinement of them, and the Ubiquitous Language helps with distinguishing this Bounded Context from other ones.

Modules and packages help with maintaining the code base of Bounded Contexts, but its meaning must not be reduced to the physical separation of code.

"A BOUNDED CONTEXT delimits the applicability of a particular model so that team members have a clear and shared understanding of what has to be consistent and how it relates to other CONTEXTS." [📖DDD]